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Alabama Video Embed List

    1. Meet Two Female Alabama State Senators Who Voted Against Abortion Ban | MSNBC
      Duration: 8:37

    2. Pro-abortion protesters rally against Alabama law
      Duration: 17:26

    3. Arizona State Softball on Their Season-Ending 9-8 Loss at Alabama
      Duration: 5:58

    4. RNC chair on Alabama abortion law: We are the party of life
      Duration: 8:35

    5. Trump would veto Alabama abortion bill if it came to his desk: Chris Christie
      Duration: 17:17

    6. Boycotts called for Alabama, Georgia over abortion bills
      Duration: 3:22

    7. Alabama students speak out about new abortion bill: ‘It’s absolutely ridiculous’
      Duration: 3:12

    8. Fury over Alabama's new abortion laws
      Duration: 12:20

    9. Alabama: Republican state passes near-total ban on abortion
      Duration: 2:08

    10. Joe: In Alabama, GOP Snatches Defeat From Jaws Of Victory | Morning Joe | MSNBC
      Duration: 8:04

    11. Alabama State Rep On Abortion Ban: These Men Need To Stay Out Of Our Wombs | Hardball | MSNBC
      Duration: 6:16

    12. Democrats in Alabama Fight Back Against Abortion Ban | NowThis
      Duration: 5:01

    13. Tucker: Voters in Alabama decided for their state
      Duration: 5:49

    14. Is The Alabama Abortion Ban Really About Majority Self Preservation?
      Duration: 7:37

    15. Bernie 2020 Rally in Birmingham, Alabama
      Duration: 1:25:20

    16. Abortion bans in Alabama, other states are just the beginning
      Duration: 2:23

    17. What Alabama’s abortion ban really aims to do
      Duration: 6:55

    18. Jameela Jamil Opens Up About Her Abortion After Alabama and Georgia Bills | NowThis
      Duration: 3:14

    19. Pat Robertson: Alabama abortion bill has gone too far
      Duration: 4:48

    20. Así ABORTAN las MUJERES en Alabama: Escondidas tras paraguas, entre gritos
      Duration: 1:50